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  • "They did a great job with Zoey, Sassafras, Summer and Tango (she had to get him out from behind the drier). These four kitties are all set for the year!!"
    Nancy Youngblood
  • "Love the service and Michelle and her husband are a great team! Personal service and very accommodating. Reasonable prices too! Karen Hall

    Dr. Michelle is AMAZING!!! Less stress for my furbabies, less stress for me!! Best Vet experience we've ever had! Thank you for all you do!!"
    Valerie Seldes
  • "We just had a wonderful visit with Dr Michelle and her trusty assistant (her husband). Our 12 yr old lab (Sam) absolutely loved them and didn't want to leave the mobile RV! They were prompt, friendly, professional and convenient. We highly recommend their services."
    MaryAlice Nunn and Sam
  • "VETS to PETS and Dr. Trammell are wonderful. She's been my vet for years at another location, and I am so glad I found here again. Kailey (our most adorable 5 yr old DSH cat) loves her and the care she has given us."
    Karen Gardner
  • "My two pups have been home-vetted for 12+ years, so I was thrilled to find Vet to Pets when we moved to Richmond Hill a few months ago. Dr Michele & her husband, Bryan were wonderful. I will definitely continue to use them as my primary vet!"
    Lindsey LeZotte
  • "What a wonderful service provided by wonderful people! It's so nice to have someone come out to you- no stress for animal or owner! Thank you so much!"
    Molly Binder and family
  • "Dr. Michele and Bryan are 2 of the most caring people that you will ever meet. The love what they do and it shows in the way that they care for their patients. Wonderful people with amazing service!"
    Teresa Smith and family
  • "If we could give more than 5-stars, we would! This service is a Godsend, to say the least. Their mobile facility is ultra-sanitary and fully-stocked. The staff's capabilities and compassion are above and beyond! Their services far-exceed anything we've experienced at any other veterinary clinic in the past 25 years. We will be using Vets-to-Pets Exclusively from now on. Icing on the cake...their costs are comparable or better than what you'd incur at your local brick-n-mortar clinic. I just cann"
    Susan and Dan Sapp (and Brandy:)
  • "Vet to Pets are awesome to deal with and were so kind to my fur babies, Piper & Ronin. Not only did they come to my house on time, I loved how they took their time with each one of my dogs. I never felt rushed and loved the fact that I could be in the same area as my animal as opposed to them being taken back to a separate room to get their shots and check up. Not only did they get their complete set of vaccines, I was able to get an antibiotic, flea, tick, and heart-worm medicine too. They also"
    Kelly Quesada
  • "Excellent , awesome, wonderful, caring.... what more can I say... they are truly the best vet service and I would recommend them to anyone!!!! Understanding and truly care about not just your pet but you as well. Wonderful.. love them and very happy to have them as my vet!!!!!"
    Gary Knack
  • "We were enjoying our last day of spring break in Hilton Head when our twelve year old golden retriever rapidly declined. We thought this might be his last trip but we didn't realize he wouldn't make it through the week. I called Vets to Pets in tears and They assured me they would do everything they could to make him comfortable until we could get him home. They arrived in less than an hour and after examining Max, Dr. Michelle softly informed us she didn't think he would make the trip home to W"
    The Hudgins Family
  • "Dr. Trammel is a talented, compassionate veternerian who truly understands the needs of both pets and people. I’ve known Dr. Trammel for a number of years and have always found her to practice the highest standards of care for her patients. Dr. Trammel offers clients a safe and comfortable environment where pets are always the number one priority. I am proud to know Dr. Trammel and recommend her services. There is no one who will take better care of your pets and family!"
    Karen S.
  • "Ghost, my 9 y.o. boxer mix, had surgery on both of his knees when he was around 1 y.o. The surgery helped him to walk much better, but he's been horribly afraid to go to the vet since that time because he didn't understand that the vet was helping him, he just knew there was a lot of pain. He always freaks out and has to be muzzled, drools excessively, tries to sit in my lap (which isn't easy for an 89 lb dog), etc. when we go for yearly shots. So, based on a previous reviewers comments, I found"
    aley Griffin Egesdahi
  • "Michelle is a super person and a great vet!! It just so happened she was at my place riding her horse when my 6 year old boxer who we did not know was pregnant was having difficulty delivering. She was gracious and took the time to check her out and with no equipment on hand delivered a healthy baby boy. If it was not for her being here, he would not have made it. I highly recommend Ms. Michelle - Vet to Pets!!"
    Maria Pruden
  • "Michelle is wonderful. She took time out of her day to help with the delivery of our family Dog. She has checked on Mom and Pup every day since. It's nice to have a Veterinarian who can help take Some of the stress and worry by traveling to you."
    Elizabeth Allen
  • "At first I think Vet to Pets is great for my clients who can't get to a Vet hospital but now I used 2 times and not going back to vet hospital but them coming to me is easy so much better and have everything at my door."
    Gaby Hall

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