Prepare Your Pets For Storms

Pets are family but what if:

If you have lived in the Coastal Empire and Low Country for any length of time, you know how fast a tropical depression can turn into a tropical storm or worse a Hurricane so what can and should you do with your furry friends.

Careful Preparation is the Key

When packing, don't forget your pet's food, food and water dishes, bedding, litter and litter box, leash, collar and tags, grooming supplies, and a first aid kit along with any necessary medications. Always have a container of drinking water with you. 

Your pet should wear a sturdy collar with ID tags throughout the trip. The tags should have both your permanent address and telephone number and an address and telephone number where you or a contact can be reached during your travels. 

Traveling can be upsetting to your pet's stomach. Take along ice cubes, which are easier on your pet than large amounts of water. You should keep feeding to a minimum during travel. (Provide a light meal for your pet two to three hours before you leave, if you are traveling by car, or four to six hours before departure, if you are traveling by airplane.) Allow small amounts of water periodically in the hours before the trip. 

Carry a current photograph of your pet with you. If your pet is lost during a trip, a photograph will make it easier for others (airline employees, the police, shelter workers, and others) to help you find your pet.

Can my Pets stay with the family in a hotel?

     Yes, as long as they are created and restrains while moving around hotel. Most chain hotels respect the stress you are already under during weather related emergencies and will allow pets to stay even if policy normally declines it (in some cases they may ask for a security deposit for damages). Be respectful of other travelers and remember your pet is also under stress from the unfamiliar space.

Is it safe to leave them created with water and food in a secure place at residence?

     No, if you are leaving because it is that bad, then your pets have to go too.

Why won't my pet settle down while we are traveling?

     Most animals senses are much stronger than humans which makes them more sensitive to atmospheric pressure, which intern stresses them out sooner and longer.

Who do I call upon our return home if my dog or cat ran off before we were able to secure them and leave. 


Humane Society Chatham/Savannah Inc. ----- 912-354-9515

GARD- Georgia Animal Rescue and Defense---912-274-4273
Save-A-Life Animal Welfare ------------------------ 912-598-7729
Pet Assistance League of Savannah (PALS)-- 912-925-7257


Beaufort County Animal Shelter----------------843-255-5010  

Please Be Prepared and Be Safe  


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